Captains Jason and Michelle Moore

Capts. Jason and Michelle Moore

Following four years of service in the Lufkin area, Salvation Army Capts. Jason and Michelle Moore are taking on their next assignment in Beaumont.

The Moores learned of the upcoming move on May 31, and will be leaving Angelina County June 24 for their new assignment. Two new captains, Cavon and Jenifer Phillips, will be taking over in Lufkin the same day.

“The first thing I saw was the tall trees, the contrast in the Dallas area,” Jason said. “East Texas was a very big change for us.

“My favorite moments are just the moments we’ve spent with friends we’ve made here. The relationships we built in the community. People loving on us and loving them back. Those friendships are not just with professional organizations and their leaders. Those friendships are with the people that have a need for Salvation Army services and being able to hand up to those folk at various moments has been just rewarding.”

Prior to working in Lufkin, the Moores served as officers for the Salvation Army in Plano and Killeen. They’ve served a total of 15 years with the Salvation Army, 10 of those as officers.

“I think everyone has been so friendly and open, welcoming,” Michelle said. “Very genuine and sincere about taking in someone like transplants just coming into this place and loving us. That’s what I will take with me, all the friendships I made, the relationships, we’ll just always be able to connect.”

The Salvation Army’s senior leadership makes decisions about officer placements annually. Officers are sent where upper leadership believes they may best fit.

“I think the places we go leave more a life-changing mark than what we leave,” Jason said. “We’re thankful for that.

“Everyone that’s part of the community is a blessing to us. This is one of the finest communities I’ve been in as far as showing what a true community is as far as loving your neighbor.”

With only a few weeks until the upcoming move to Beaumont, the Moores have expressed their gratitude to the people of Lufkin for all the support they received over the past four years.

“It’s mixed emotions, mixed feelings,” Michelle said. You have to go, but when we said we’ll serve, that meant wherever God leads us. We’re excited about the new challenge. We know the new officers coming in, we’re just handing off the baton. They’ll take it to the next level through Christ.”

“As they’re grabbing that baton, they’ll continue the race,” Jason said. “It’s long distance, not a sprint. What we do is more about the journey. We’re here for a time and the appointments God gives us is a gift.”

A farewell party is planned for the Moores from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 21 at the Salvation Army’s Adult Day Care.

“I’d just like to say thank you to every organization, every person that’s contributed to the Salvation Army either monetarily or non-monetarily,” Jason said. “To every person who has encouraged us along the way and everyone that’s prayed for us, partnered for us, collaborated for us.”

“Thank you isn’t enough,” Michelle said. “Most of all we love them.”

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