A Lufkin man accused of stalking and sexually assaulting a woman last year pleaded guilty to his charges.

Jacob Dale Rhoden, 30, appeared before state District Judge Bob Inselmann Wednesday afternoon, where he pleaded guilty to his charges. Rhoden accepted a plea bargain to receive 12 years in prison for his guilty plea to the sexual assault charge and 10 years in prison for the stalking charge. Assistant District Attorney John Peralta said both charges will run concurrently.

Prior to his court appearance, Rhoden was in prison after having his probation revoked on separate charges of burglary of a habitation intending another felony and continuous sexual assault/family violence from 2014.

A woman met with Lufkin police investigators in April of 2018 about how Rhoden’s behavior, which she described as “unstable and violent,” was affecting her sleep, eating and daily functions, Aaccording to previous Lufkin Daily News reports. She filed offense reports stating Rhoden had come to her place of employment, a restaurant she was at, and her home within a matter of days. Additionally, she said Rhoden had made numerous calls to her using a private number and had also used Instagram to attempt to contact her.

As the woman continued to speak with the investigating officer, she opened up about an incident she said happened in the LiveWell parking lot in March of 2018, in which she said Rhoden waited in the parking lot for her, then forced his way into her vehicle and sexually assaulted her. Following the incident, the woman said she felt sick and that Rhoden threatened her. After the assault, the woman said he began to stalk her and refused to leave her alone.

With the victim’s consent, the investigating officer performed a forensic examination on her phone and found an instance where the woman confronted Rhoden on the assault. He apologized in a message back and then argued with her when she asserted the harm Rhoden had caused her. Despite her insistence Rhoden leave her be, he continued to message her.

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