HUDSON — Hudson Gets Healthy brought community and school resources together for the eighth year in a free, jungle-themed night on campus.

“Our purpose every year is to bring the community together with resources and avenues that are out there that can help,” said Shalana Hyde, director of nurses.

The evening was also an opportunity for the nursing department to get to know the community it serves — students, teachers and parents.

Steve Frazier and his family came to check out the event, and he said he thought it was a great idea to get the community together.

“I think we need to bond as one,” Frazier said. “This world has enough problems. We need to stand together, and everybody needs to be involved in everything, that way you know what’s going on and not just hearsay.”

Frazier also came out to support his daughter, junior Graci Frazier, who is in the Hudson High School nursing program currently studying for her CNA certification.

The health fair was an opportunity for Graci to practice her communication skills as she greeted people and showed them around to the different booths.

“This (event) gives opportunities for people to learn things,” Graci said. “They can get flu shots, they can check their blood pressure and blood sugar, they can learn a lot and meet new people.”

Many different kinds of booths spread throughout the gym as entertainment like the Hudson Highlights and cheerleaders performed. The high school culinary students had a booth promoting healthy options for home cooked meals and snacks.

“We made healthy recipes like a zucchini cookie with dark chocolate and oatmeal,” senior Mindy Jones said. “We were trying to make healthier food and show people they have more options than the foods they are used to.”

Representatives from LiveWell Athletic Club came out to pursue one aspect of its mission statement — live well, play hard, feel good.

“It’s part of our mission to help people stay healthy,” owner Jason Lowery said. “We want to help people start young. It’s our mission to help people of all ages become healthy, and it’s very important to start with children. Students are setting lifestyle habits that can affect them for the rest of their life.”

Melissa Wheeler attended the health fair for her business Healthy Impact.

“Hudson Gets Healthy is about healthier living and healthier options, and I’m sharing with people about how to convert their home to a healthier home and remove chemicals and toxins that are dangerous to their family,” Wheeler said.

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