County Judge Don Lymbery will get a $27,376 raise in the new budget year compared to this year, according to the county’s public notice published in today’s newspaper.

The county releases the extent of salary and allowance increases for the coming year during budget discussions.

Lymbery will receive $2,080 from the countywide raises approved by commissioners and $96 for longevity pay. The additional $25,200, comes from the state.

“It shows it is an increase in my county salary, which it is, but it comes from the state — not from the county,’’ he said. ‘‘It is part of a stipend that comes from the state for judges that perform judicial duties.”

Lymbery didn’t take the money in 2019 because he was not qualified to perform those duties, he said, adding that he has spent this year undergoing the training.

“Last year, I did not take that,” he said. “It was part of my salary package but I did not take it because I didn’t feel right to take that from the state until I had the judicial training from the state.”

He plans to have the mandatory training completed by the end of the year so he can officially take on those duties, he said. County court at law 1 and 2 have asked for assistance, especially with mental health cases.

He has already been issuing mental health warrants.

County Court at Law Judge Joe Register will receive $7,997 more this year. However, all but $2,176 of it — which is from the pay raise and longevity — is from the state, so he is making the minimum they require he be paid, Lymbery said.

Twenty of the county’s 24 elected officials are getting the $2,080 raise. Paul White, the 159th district court judge, Clyde Herrington, the 217th district court judge, District Attorney Joe Martin and County Attorney Cary Kirby won’t get that money because they’ve reached the state cap for how much they can be paid.

Kirby will receive $96 in longevity pay.

The Precinct 2, 3 and 4 constables will receive raises so their base pay matches Pct. 1 Constable Tom Selman’s. In addition, their travel allowances will increase to match Selman’s. Selman will receive more money to cover the part-time person commissioners authorized him to hire.

The justices of the peace for Precincts 2, 3 and 4 will receive more money to cover travel expenses, cellphones and On Star services.

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