Emergency management coordinator Ricky Conner is in the process of installing cameras at the county offices in the Denman Building.

After years of discussion, Conner took it upon himself to have the cameras installed inside and outside the offices using money from his office budget, Angelina County Judge Don Lymbery said.

Lymbery’s office, as well as the other commissioners offices, are in the building at the corner of First Street and Frank Avenue.

“Really, we’re the only county building with no cameras,” Conner said. “I wanted them simply because you never know who’s coming in the building. … Anyone can walk into the judge and the commissioners and I didn’t think that was a very safe thing.”

It is also staffed primarily by women, Lymbery said. They have expressed interest in having the cameras for their own safety, he said. Also, people who work there have reported intentionally flattened tires several times, Pct. 1 Commissioner Greg Harrison said.

Harrison said he thought the cameras were a good idea, especially for security at night.

Pct. 3 Commissioner Terry Pitts agreed, and shared a story about when he ran into a young man on the back stairwell one evening. He said they both scared each other, and while he doesn’t think the kid was up to anything nefarious, it did make him think it was time for some cameras around the building.

“I don’t mind the cameras at all,” Pct. 2 Commissioner Kermit Kennedy said. “Sometimes the ladies up there are all by themselves and we need some kind of security in that building.”

Pct. 4 Commissioner Bobby Cheshire agreed that the cameras were necessary and was glad that they were installed.

“In my opinion, it’s long overdue and it’s an added layer of security,” he said.

The work was still in progress Wednesday morning, but it will be finished as crews have time between other projects, Conner said.

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