Numerous witnesses spoke with investigators regarding the death of a man who was found in the bed of his truck over the weekend.

Authorities on Sunday arrested Mykel Whitehead, 28, of Huntington, on a charge of murder in the death of Joseph Williams, 49. Whitehead remains in the Angelina County Jail at this time with a $1 million bond.

Deputies were dispatched to Guy York Road in reference to a death scene investigation, the affidavit for Whitehead’s arrest states. Williams’ body was found to have numerous contusions and bruises. Later in the afternoon, several witnesses arrived at the sheriff’s office to give statements about what they say had occurred.

Each witness identified Whitehead as the suspect who beat Williams to death. Three said they heard a commotion in the home where the incident occurred and entered the hallway, where they say they saw Williams lying inside the bedroom and Whitehead standing over him.

One of the witnesses suggested calling 911, but Whitehead reportedly grabbed one of the witnesses by the throat and neck area. He allegedly asked two of the witnesses to drag Williams outside, a request they reportedly refused.

The witnesses said Whitehead dragged Williams outside and through the yard. One witness said he or she saw Whitehead strike Williams several times before loading him into the back of Williams' truck.

One witness said he or she observed Whitehead beat Williams unconscious with his fists, and attempted to stop Whitehead only to be struck numerous times and left bruised. The same witness said he or she observed Whitehead drag Williams to the truck, and said Whitehead told him or her to get into the truck and ride with him as he took the truck elsewhere to abandon it and the body.

When they arrived at the site where they abandoned the truck, the witness said Whitehead ripped the radio out of the dashboard and struck Williams more before they left the scene on foot and someone eventually picked them up.

The witness reported being held against his or her will by Whitehead for a length of time before managing to coerce Whitehead into releasing him or her. Afterward, the witness contacted law enforcement.

The Nacogdoches Police Department later arrested Whitehead at a Nacogdoches hotel about 4:50 a.m. Sunday.

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