Lufkin’s newest taco shop at 1109 E. Denman Ave. has been pumping out some incredible food since its opening in April.

Taqueria Paraiso has a limited menu, but that menu is full of incredible, quality food that is worth every penny of its low-priced cost.

The shop offers corn street tacos of chicken, beef or barbacoa for $1.30 each, flour street tacos of the same meats for $2.20 and tortas of the same meats for $5.50 each. For the quality of the food, that is a steal. So of course, I had to try everything.

First off, the green sauce and red sauce that come with every meal are delicious. The green is good and spicy with a heavy, creamy avocado flavor. The red sauce is bursting with colorful flavor and a perfect light spice. Can you tell which is my favorite?

My favorite out of everything had to be the barbacoa flour street tacos. The homemade flour tortillas are well cooked with a perfect flavor, not too doughy, not too crispy and not too overpowering. These street tacos are cooked with a mozzarella base that really pushes them over the top. The barbacoa is my favorite meat because of how juicy and flavorful it is.

Next has to be the tortas. The fluffy bread paired with lettuce, tomato, mayo and creamy avocado is incredible, especially with dripping cheese and moist meat. I imagine the bread wouldn’t taste great as leftovers, but I for one wouldn’t leave any leftovers of this fantastic dish.

The beef and chicken corn street tacos were good, as well. The corn tortillas are a bit overbearing, but that can be easily fixed by taking off the second tortilla. The beef was good but a little dry. It paired amazingly well with the green sauce. The chicken was great and not a bit dry. It is a solid, hearty baseline to build off of, perfect if you are picky and just want something simple to start with. The red sauce really makes the chicken shine.

The sweet grilled onions, fresh cilantro and lime made these tacos heaven.

I would highly recommend trying Taqueria Paraiso out. They are open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They take call-in orders at 632-9082, and they have a drive thru as well as a dine-in setting. Look for the little blue building next to the yellow laundromat.

Olive Waldorf is a pseudonym for the food critic of The Lufkin Daily News. Her email is