Lufkin Rotary Club's annual Waffle Bake

Variance Smith gives her daughter Isabella, 3, a bite of waffles during the Lufkin Rotary Club’s annual Waffle Bake at Angelina College on Tuesday.

Lufkinites came out by the droves to celebrate the 63rd annual Waffle Bake’s first night at Angelina College.

Reba Squyres said the Waffle Bake is a tradition for her family.

She and Rodney Squyres, Sue Crain, Robin Newberry, and Reed and Stacey Squyres came out with 6-year-old Lilly Hinson, 3-year-old Ronin Squyres and 3-month-old Ruby Squyres.

“We’ve been supporting and coming out to the Rotary Waffle Bake for years,” Reba said. “Since our oldest grandbaby was born, we’ve taken a Christmas picture out front.”

She said they believe in the good that the Rotary Club does, and they want to support them. Rodney said he loves the waffles and the atmosphere of the bake.

“I like the waffles, and I like the strawberry milk,” Lilly said. “But it’s white.”

Ronin was enjoying his waffles with a Sprite. Robin said she enjoys seeing people in the community she hasn’t seen in a while.

Greg Robertson said he and 13-year-old Lucas, 8-year-old Jacob and 5-year-old Kaylee come out to the bake every year.

“I think this is a good cause,” Greg said. “Rotary helps a lot of people in the community and internationally, so we come every year to help support.”

The bake draws the community together to enjoy good food and see one another.

“I like the food here and all the nice people who serve,” Jacob said.

“I love that I can see my friends and have good food,” Lucas said.

Hilary Haglund-Walker has volunteered at the Waffle Bake for 10 years. She said the club means a lot to her because her father was in it for 45-plus years while she was growing up.

“I grew up coming to the Waffle Bake, and it was a big tradition for the family. This is what kicked Christmas off for us,” she said. “It’s a great event that is really good for the community.”

Not only is it a community outreach program where people come to enjoy time together with friends, but it is also a chance to raise money that goes right back into the community, Haglund-Walker said.

The Waffle Bake is continuing from 5:30-7:30 p.m. tonight and Thursday night in the Angelina College cafeteria. Adult tickets are $6, and kids under 12 eat for $3.

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