Angelina County commissioners on Tuesday allowed Pct. 1 Commissioner Greg Harrison to withdraw $120,000 from the contingency fund to pay for replacing culverts.

Harrison said many of the culverts in his precinct need to be replaced and that he is worried about accidents involving large school buses if a culvert were to fail. The money would go to the precinct’s hard top roads fund for 2019.

“We spent a lot of money on culverts this year, but these school buses are fixing to start running,” he said.

The county only keeps $200,000 in the contingency fund, County Judge Don Lymbery said.

“I would like to mention one thing, guys,” Lymbery told commissioners. “This is a contingency fund. It’s completely legal, I understand it. But we’ve got $200,000 to handle unforeseen emergencies throughout the year and to take $120,000 out of the contingency fund is a dangerous trend.”

Pct. 4 Commissioner Bobby Cheshire said it was time to increase the amount of money in the contingency fund.

In other business, the commissioners approved:

■ Extending the deadline for constructing two new radio towers, the new services agreement with Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC, easements and adding their service areas to the Retail Electric Provider list of locations.

■ Cheshire’s request to purchase a 2019 John Deere 310SL backhoe from Doggett Machinery through the BuyBoard for $113,750 with a lease agreement.

■ Extending the completion date for a contract between the county and Crockett Construction executed on April 15 to provide construction of the sections J-1 and K-1 Liner at the Angelina County Waste Manager Center.

■ Allowing the landfill to advertise for bids for the construction of a new leachate/contaminated water pond and to decommission and remove the existing pond.

And budget transfers for:

■ $30,000 from Precinct 1 carryover to culverts ($10,000) and repair and maintenance equipment ($20,000).

■ $2,986 from Precinct 4 equipment lease and $5,000 from carryover to culverts.

■ $500 from County Extension rental/lease equipment to training.

Allowing earnest money contracts between the county and:

■ Martin and Brenda Terry for the sale of 2.48 acres of land on O’Quinn Road.

■ James Bailey Jr. for the sale of 1.58 acres of land on Floyd Drive

■ Ryan Keith Moore for the sale of Lot 79, Block 1 of the Briar Village Subdivision.

■ Approval of the Angelina County Clerk’s plan for the preservation and restoration of archives following a public hearing.

■ An optional fee for the year 2020 from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. This is a regular item, approved annually.

■ An interlocal agreement between the county and the Texas DMV for provision of equipment and consumables.

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