Both parties in a civil suit filed against Huntington ISD that alleged hazing have signed off on a scheduling order for the case.

The lawsuit was filed Aug. 6 by an individual under the pseudonym John Doe I who acted on behalf of a former HISD student under the pseudonym John Doe II, who the lawsuit states was sexually assaulted by another student during his freshman year in a hazing incident.

Additionally, the suit alleges HISD has a culture of tolerance for bullying and hazing, particularly among student athletes, and refers to several incidents throughout the 2018 school year.

HISD filed its answer to the lawsuit and allegations Sept. 3. The school district denied violating the student’s rights and argued the plaintiff had failed to state a claim for which relief may be granted.

Attorneys for both the plaintiff and HISD signed off on a joint proposed scheduling order for the trial going forward Monday.

Key dates outlined in the proposed scheduling order include: Nov. 26, 2019, the deadline for motions to transfer; Dec. 31, 2019, deadline to add parties; Feb. 11, 2020, deadline for plaintiffs to file amended pleadings; Feb. 25, 2020, deadline for defendants final amended pleadings; July 31, 2020, deadline for all discovery to be competed; Aug. 21, 2020, deadline for motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment or other dispositive motions; Oct. 14, 2020, docket call and final pretrial in Beaumont; Oct. 19, 2020, jury selection at 10 a.m. and trial in Lufkin.

Huntington Superintendent David Flowers said a student came forward on Jan. 24 with accusations that high school baseball players had sexually abused him as part of an initiation.

The criminal case of the adult students accused in the incident has yet to have a trial date set.

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