Country Willie Edwards

Texas country cosmic musician, Country Willie Edwards, to hit the Angelina Brewing Co. stage from 7-10 p.m. Saturday.

Cosmic country musician Country Willie Edwards, will make his way to the Angelina Brewing Company from 7-10 p.m. Saturday.

“Keep an open mind,” he said. “If the train goes off the rails, just hang on.”

Edwards will perform with a drummer he’s worked with since about 2009, he said. Thomas Oliver was in another band with him when they met; they’ve stuck together pretty well since.

Edwards is known for a variety of musical genres and enjoys being considered an outsider musician. Some of his idols are musicians from the 1970s and 1980s who were never heavily publicized.

“I listen to a lot of older country and older music,” he said. “I was listening to Gene Austin, I like his voice. But there are others country music wise like George Jones and in that era — Nat Stucky — I like obscure, older country artists. I’m always looking for them and I always find new ones.

“There was so much music made back then. We’re just finding these recordings of artists who got no attention.”

However, he will bring some Deep East Texas country to the stage Saturday night. His songs about trucks, trains and the simple life stem from his experiences and favorite musicians from the area.

“I like East Texas music like Jim Reeves and Tommy Horton all mixed together. They’re my influences,” he said.

He said his songs about trucks come from a family with several truckers, he said. He loved hearing the stories from on the road while growing up and has been able to translate that love into music.

His train songs stem from a deep fascination with them, he said. He was allowed to work at the Texas State Railroad Park during the Polar Express season during a previous winter and loved the amount he learned just by being around actual train conductors and engineers.

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