A Lufkin woman told Lufkin Police officers that she was scammed out of $15,000 after giving it to someone advertising spiritual cleaning.

The woman told police her money was stolen after she responded to a spiritual money cleaning ad she heard on a Spanish-speaking radio station.

She took her money to a home off Fred Street to be cleaned, but the suspects later moved out of the house. They also will not respond to her phone calls, she told police.

A neighbor of the home on Fred Street told police numerous spiritual money cleaning customers came to the home after the suspects moved.

A man claiming to be working with the FBI sent Lufkin Police officers on a wild goose chase after buying a Louis Vuitton knockoff at a Lufkin Mall kiosk Thursday.

The man told police his company works for Louis Vuitton and that he was working with the FBI on a tip concerning the “fraudulent” merchandise sold at the kiosk. Officers could not substantiate either of the man’s claims but did contact the Attorney General’s Office.

An assistant attorney general informed police the kiosk was breaking no laws as long as its employees let customers know the merchandise is merely “look-a-like.” A kiosk employee told police the man was informed the wallet was a knockoff before he bought it.

Police advised kiosk employees to post signs might prevent a similar incident from happening in the future.

A woman’s live-in boyfriend reportedly choked her Thursday morning.

A man with a “crazy eye” reportedly stole a box of toothpicks and a watch from a store Thursday in the 4500 block of South Medford Drive. A store employee told police he said his name was Christopher and that he had tattoos on both arms and a goatee. The employee said the man appeared to be high on something. The woman also said he had a “crazy eye,” meaning one eye was not looking directly at her. The man reportedly got into a white extended cab truck and drove away.

A woman reportedly wrote a $300 check to a business Saturday that came back fake.

A dryer was reportedly stolen from a covered garage Thursday in the 100 block of Russell Avenue.

A man reported being stalked by his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend Thursday.

A gas-powered string trimmer and leaf blower were reportedly stolen from a garage broken into Thursday in the 700 block of Culverhouse Street.

A woman’s tires were slashed and her vehicle was reportedly keyed Friday in the 1700 block of West Frank Avenue.

The Angelina County Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of shots fired on Tower Lane and an accident on U.S. Highway 69 north.

The Lufkin Police Department arrested James Tapscott, 45, on 12 Class C warrants Thursday.

The Angelina County Sheriff’s Office made six arrests late Thursday and early Friday. Arrests and charges included: Gregory McGruder, 34, possession of a controlled substance; Terry Shepherd, 54, adjudication of guilt; Carlos Riojas, 31, criminal nonsupport; John Woodson, 46, criminal nonsupport; Regina Dixon, 42, criminal trespass and forgery; and Natasha Jacks, 26, probation revocation.

The Texas Department of Public Safety made two arrests late Thursday and early Friday. Arrests and charges included: Eddie Canada, 22, possession of marijuana; and Debra Roberts, 43, probation revocation.

The Angelina County Jail housed 218 inmates as of 4 p.m. Friday.

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