With the month of September just around the corner, school is officially underway, football stadiums will light up the Friday night sky and sportsmen and women will finally have a chance to get back in the field with a shotgun for dove season.

One of my favorite events in August is the Junior League’s Back to School Bonanza, which has been hosted at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center for the last few years.

School is back in session and our children are meeting new teachers, finding new classrooms and making new friends. This is an exciting part of the year with so many new things and endless possibilities.

This is the time of year I get to spend a lot of time around coaches. August means the start of the school year, but it’s also the time for athletic programs to kick off their seasons. I’ve already immersed myself in football, soccer, volleyball and fall baseball. The other seasons will get …

So I have been doing a little research on the issue of gun control and I found some interesting facts. The first thing I did was Google the top five states with the strictest gun control laws and they are: California (no big surprise there), Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois and Connecticut.…

Have you ever been sold something that you thought was one thing and it turned out to be absolutely the opposite? Well, if you’re a Democrat, that’s what’s happening to you right now.

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