Sixteenth century essayist Francoise de la Rochefoucauld wrote, “However brilliant an action may be, it should not be accounted great when it is not the result of a great purpose.”

With the beginning of 2020, Lufkin ISD and our parents are already thinking about the beginning of the new school year in the fall. Parents want to know what opportunities are available for their children and how to apply for those opportunities.

With the dawning of a new decade, the United States Census Bureau will begin carrying out a constitutionally mandated count, or Census, of every U.S. resident from sea to shining sea.

Facebook and YouTube are full of graduation speeches that go viral and become memes representing personal life views, political stances or just feel-good, philosophical pablum.

With the second decade of the 21st century in the rearview mirror, this new year provides a unique opportunity for new beginnings. As we turn the page to a new year and a new decade, it’s important to spend time reflecting not only on what we did right over the years, but also what we can do…

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