We are in full swing of the holiday season and we are all busy with parties and events, volunteering and giving back to our community, keeping up with the kids and everything in between.

The other day I met someone who read one of my articles and told me they are trying to be kind to others, even when that person had been mean to them.

One of the most feared illnesses today is Alzheimer’s disease. Aloysius Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist and neuropathologist, first described the characteristic brain changes and associated dementia more than 100 years ago. Despite the rapid advance of medicine and technology over the inter…

Following every legislative session, Texas’ lieutenant governor and Speaker of the House issue interim charges for committees in their respective chambers to study important issues that help guide the Legislature’s policy making in the future.

With Thanksgiving just finished and Christmas and the new year just ahead, the holiday season is a great time to reflect on the past year and start thinking about the road ahead.

By the time this column publishes, it may be too late to save some of you. You’ve either gone out to brave the Black Friday sales and are already home sorting through your loot, or you’re sitting in a cell awaiting bail money.

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