A World Series champion, more than a dozen NFL players and Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, the Thundering 13, and a former U.S Representative whose life became the basis of a Tom Hanks’ film.

No doubt, Angelina County has produced a surprising amount of celebrities over the years.

But on June 4, we get to add another celebrity-type to that list – a reality TV star.

Melissa Radke, the Hudson High School graduate who spent 16 years singing in Nashville before moving back home, saw an opportunity to make her voice heard in a completely new way. In the past few years, her online videos, like “Upside Down French Braid” and “Red Ribbon,” have reached millions through the magic of social media. Her book, “Eat Cake. Be Brave.” – a heartwarming and hilarious autobiography about how Melissa put a stop to the naysayers by finding her own self-worth – was released last summer.

Now she’s taking on network television, starring alongside her husband David and two children, Remi, 13, and Rocco, 10. “The Radkes,” which is described as an “unscripted family sitcom,” premiers June 4 on USA Network.

“I can honestly say we have not manipulated this in any way,” Radke said. “We just remain focused on the big picture and the long-term goal, and that is that our children are raised to love the Lord, to love and respect people, and that we raise good citizens; that our marriage remains strong, and I continue to do what I’m called to do. Whether the show succeeds or fails, that’s the big picture. When I tell you we feel the show is just the cherry on top, we really do.”

We think Melissa’s larger-than-life personality, witty quips and entertaining family members will make great television drama. Her unapologetic take on parenting, marriage, faith, living life to the fullest, and the Hudson ISD pickup line is sure to keep you in stitches throughout this 6-episode series.

Many may already know Melissa. Some may have only heard of her. Others may not have a clue who she is. She’s been a lot of things to a lot of different people. A singer. An author and blogger. A public speaker and social media queen. A wife, a mother and a daughter. But more importantly, Melissa Radke is one of our own. A born and bred Lufkin native who deserves the kind of support only Lufkinites can give.

So on Tuesday, June 4, be sure to tune in to the USA Network at 9:30 p.m. to check out “The Radkes” premiere. In fact, turn on every single TV in your house, because ratings matter, and we want to make sure this East Texas blonde bombshell and her crazy family keep delivering the love of Lufkin to the world.

In the meantime, visit usanetwork.com/theradkes to see sneak peeks from the show and web-exclusive videos. For more on the family’s adventures into stardom, check out the upcoming issue of Charm East Texas, which can be found at various businesses in Lufkin and Nacogdoches starting Friday, May 31.