Is it time to assess your political party affiliation? Do you believe in the Constitution? Do you believe in freedom? Do believe the government should have control of your health care choices? Do you think they should be able to tell you whether or not you can own land, run your own business or tell you what kind of firearm is safe for you to own? What has your party done to improve your life or condition? These are just a few of the many questions we should ask ourselves.

I personally do not affiliate with any party; I am just a constitutional conservative. The Republicans are the ones that lean toward my belief system, but they haven’t reduced the size of government or controlled spending. However, they have reduced business, stopping regulations and encouraged growth in our economy that we haven’t seen in years. Both parties have fought Trump, who has made great changes through better negotiations of world trade and bringing companies back to America.

He is also responsible for deregulation and better tax codes for businesses, allowing them to pay employees better, hire more people and grow. Right now, looking at the huge number of Democrats running for office, there is not one that is in favor of growth in America. They are all running on a socialist platform, which has failed everywhere. The promise of free stuff only equates to extreme tax rates on working people, which is the goal of socialism and only the ruling class will prosper.

If you vote based on your heart, not your head, you will probably vote for a political system that will make you have less money in your pocket to live off of. It is not the government’s job to take our money to pay for someone’s lack of desire to succeed, it’s our own will and hard work that will help you achieve that. Politicians are the cause of most of our social issues, not the saviors of them. We cannot support the world and all the ills in it; that’s what charities do with great success.