Love always the answer

This is in response to the letter to the editor by Dr. Dallas Pierre on March 2. It was very short and true and to the point. I was born in Texas and lived in Lufkin all my teenage life. Racism was a way of life, but I was blessed to have a mother that was a devout Christian and she taught us that when you feel bad about how you are being mistreated, remember Jesus (St. Luke 23:27-31). I am not concerned about myself because I’ve learned (Prov. 3:6) even in my sickness I’m very happy because I know who is in charge and owns everything (Ps. 50:10-12). My real concern is for America and what happens to it. We have forgotten God’s word, the Holy Bible, and look to man to fix everything. We believe man can do everything he said he could do. He can keep us safe, never saying with God’s help, never heard of (Ps. 127:1). Well God knows how to get our attention, but He loves us and gave us a way (2 Chr. 7:14). Please those of us are in (St. John 3:3), we better get busy and remember those in authority telling us what to do, stop this and stop that, never referring to (St. John 15:5). We really need to stop all this greed and know that God will supply all our needs (Phil. 4:19). My mother and father were born in the 1800s — my father in 1888 and my mother Sept. 15, 1895 — and those things and times they brought us through. I know for sure God will take care of you if you trust Him. And I know by the grace of God we have come a long way, but I’m sorry to say that things will never be equal until Jesus returns. Then and only then will things be the same (Rom. 2:11) (Col. 3:25). My prayer is that America would please let God judge, not man. God gave us a choice (St. John 3:16). Man condemns one sin, and yet the sin they like is OK, but with God (1 John 5:17). Lord, please help us. In your wrath, remember mercy. I think you are angry with us now, and are showing us so. Love always is the answer.

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