This letter is concerning Michael Morgan’s letter.

For over 13 years now, mom Wanda Chaffin, 87 years old, has been reading your paper cover to cover while I, Dail Chaffin, read whatever interests me, and brother, my VA caregiver reads the sports, always wishing you had more international sports.

Mom was reading the paper the other day after I had read what interested me. (She and I, a 100% disabled three-time Vietnam veteran, have several hourly talks every day about any and everything.) She may have physical problems but her mind still has snap. We tell her often she paid the cost to be the boss.

She called me into her room, I assumed to have one of our talks. I grabbed my cane, headed for her room and found her with tears in her eyes. She said, “Michael understands,” and handed me the paper to read what I had missed, Michael Morgan’s letter.

We agreed that Michael hit it with his hammer on the nail head. While both she and I and even brother have been keeping an eye on Trump since I caught him in a lie while running for president (no, not a campaign promise) — he said over and over that he never supported the Iraq War when I had heard him on Howard Stern bragging about backing Bush and his war. Bush was told there were nukes in Iraq but there weren’t, so innocent people died.

Trump is the worst president we’ve ever had and there have been a few bad ones. Not just his lies — 14,000-plus since elected — but he has committed crimes. I read the Mueller Report cover to cover. I believe he worked with Russia to get elected. I believe he committed crimes get his people refusing to talk with Congress and even refusing to answer questions submitted to him during the investigation. On and on and while the economy is about to dip into a recession, he still brags about how good it is while blaming the Fed about the problems he won’t admit to.

We could go on and on but we wanted to say to Michael, you got it right even knowing there is much more that could have been said. I’ve been a published writer since 1966, having spent this last year writing two books, which publishers say they are afraid to publish then. Hahaha, small presses weren’t always a bunch of sissies, and underground newspapers who always loved my weird and wonderful stuff paid me well. Too bad they are gone.

Mom says keep at it, I say good job publishing that excellent letter, and brother says more sports.

Good day to you all.