Feb. 5 is another date to live in infamy. That is, of course, the day 53 senators were not able to grow a spine or a pair and voted to acquit Donald Trump. In a case of mass amnesia, they were unable to see a crime in front of their eyes that had overwhelming evidence of guilt.

Terrified of a negative tweet or having their head on a pike, they rushed lemming-like to flush reality down the drain. Some Republican senators were offended that Adam Schiff brought up the pike thing, but now Mitt Romney’s head is evidence that Schiff was correct. Days later, Trump reenacted Nixon’s Friday Night Massacre and booted out two men who have served the USA well for decades, one a decorated veteran. More to come.

Feb. 4 was the date of a surreal State of the Union address. Promising that he would make manna rain from the sky, Trump then trotted out a confirmed bigot and racist and gave him the Medal of Freedom. Like his pardons of war criminals, this is a low point that has never been reached before by an American president.

Trump did give a rousing speech. It’s too bad that a basic fact check revealed that there were 32 exaggerations, lies and claims of credit for the work of others. Trump is a serial liar but not a very good one. Obama was bashed a couple of times but there was a massive suck-up to black Americans.

With an election coming up, it’s time to turn on the phony praise and promises. Trump has little knowledge of history and gloated that his wall would be built. Maybe someone should tell him about the Maginot Line of World War II. So hell-bent that the wall will be built, land has been stolen from border families that have owned it for hundreds of years and an amazing one-of-a-kind butterfly sanctuary is scheduled to be unceremoniously bulldozed. This will probably doom Monarch butterflies that have been on the decline in recent years and have been on earth thousands of years before man.

We will have to take heart that we have another chance in November to send President Bonespurs home. All empires crumble into sand and Trump’s will be no exception. Bring it on. Ding dong the witch is dead.

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