Thanks, Mr. Nick

I don’t know Mr. Nick but I have a few comments on his recent article “Democrats Trying to Destroy County.”

I want to first thank Mr. Nick for giving me, a Democrat, a free psychoanalysis of all the bad things I’m guilty of doing. It saved me a lot of money.

According to Mr. Nick, Democrats have just about destroyed the nation. Not only that, according to him, Democrats are also weakening or destroying the Christian religion. Mr. Nick began the article by saying that he loves everybody and he believes God will forgive him for the article. Isn’t it wonderful to be forgiven a sin before you knowingly commit it!

Mr. Nick ended by asking if God put Donald Trump in office to wake us up. I sure agree with that statement, though at one time I believed Russia put him in office. Anyone who has not been awakened by Trump must be a modern-day Rip Van Winkle. Alas.

In closing, I make these observations: Republicans comprise over 70% of East Texas population. So I ask, where has the Democrat “contamination” occurred? This article highlights the polarization we are seeing between the two parties — with very little compromise and very little being done in Washington. We need changes for sure but it does no good for anyone to trash a political party with untrue, demeaning inclusive statements such as we see in Mr. Nick’s article.

As Rodney King (no kin) asked during the L.A. riots long ago, “Why can’t we just get along?”