Congratulations to the Angelina College Men’s Soccer Team. A signature win against a nationally ranked opponent (Tyler Junior College). A sterling accomplishment for a young program.

Freddy Drago built the AC soccer program from scratch. I’m his father-in-law, and I’ve witnessed his drive and determination. His commitment to excellence. His tireless recruiting (of student athletes and coaching assistants). He fought tooth-and-nail for the support he was promised when he came here (and which never came easy). Success doesn’t materialize from thin air, and by most objective measures both the women’s and men’s soccer programs have been surprisingly successful after so little time.

Congratulations to the student-athletes for their performance on the pitch and off. Congratulations to the assistant coaches for executing Freddy Drago’s vision.

It’s also customary to congratulate the head coach for a lion’s share of the success. Unfortunately, these accolades must be accorded to Freddy in absentia, but they are well-deserved, nonetheless. For standing up for his athletes, for his staff and (yes) for the college. Anyone who begrudges him such credit has a less-than-firm grasp on reality.