America should be ashamed

There is great divide in our country caused by politics and the media. Research the numbers; our economy and job market are doing better than many previous years. Is your job situation any better barring problems caused by your own bad decisions. Do you have more money to spend or save? Why do we listen to the media or Hollywood for any truth concerning the state of our country?

America has become the land of idiocy. People fighting over what someone wears, people in the streets protesting for the right to kill babies or they push sexual preference on our children.

What has happened to our America?

The America where kids of any color or race could play together in the streets and not have to worry about the sexual predator map for your community, the America where people could disagree peacefully and have conversation without violent outcome. The America where our children were taught about our history, good and bad, and it not be filtered because of political agenda. The America where our kids were free to pray in school or anywhere else without fear of ridicule or punishment. The America where we raised our kids to be ready for adulthood by the time they were teenagers and had responsibilities, morals and life lessons taught to them. They were taught an understanding of how our governmental system worked, how to manage money and all the basic needs in life that were handed to you with your stuff at 18 when you went on your own. They were taught a work ethic and were told whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.

We as Americans should be ashamed at what we have allowed to happen to our country and should have heavy hearts that we let down what all our previous generations worked and fought so hard to preserve and defend. We are responsible for this and are the ones who can start the fix by holding our representatives accountable and being responsible for our own lives. We need to before it’s too late.

Casey Evans, Lufkin