After Feb. 10, 1947, if FDR had still been living, FDR, being a man of vision and understanding, could maybe have realized future consequences and recognized that day as another “day will live in infamy” when the Supreme Court case Everson v. Board of Education started the erroneous and destructive wall of separation between church and state.

That has then cascaded into other laws and court cases to remove prayer, Bibles and other biblical influence such as Christian symbols from schools and from any other entity related to government, and, by government laws such as the Johnson Amendment in 1954, has pressured, weakened and intimidated churches from being involved in any communication or education relation to “political” issues.

Now, we-the-people have forgotten or failed to realize what “political” means. “Political” issues involve much more than just simply working for or against particular candidates or parties. What happens as results of “political” (government) issues has direct effect on the very future freedom and well-being of we-the-people and our nation.

As such, we-the-people should thank Donald Trump for at least temporarily removing the effect of the Johnson Amendment, and we should allow churches, if they desire, to freely discuss or try to educate their people about the urgent “political” issues facing our country and the future of civilization.

The size of world population of Islamic religion is growing rapidly and will soon overtake the population numbers of Christianity. We should try to remember Christianity provides the reasonable forgiveness, as compared to the opposite under severe Islamic Sharia law.

If the unforgiving leftist Democrats succeed in their cruel and unusual three-year unreasonable persecution and impeachment of Donald Trump, only another miracle from God can prevent the USA from decaying into part of a tyrannical one world order ruled by an alliance of socialists-communists under Islamic state-controlled religion.