Another Night Howls has come and gone, and the volunteers are, as always, deeply appreciative of the support from the community and those that come to help make a difference for Angelina County’s homeless animals. Several of our area businesses have continued their support of Kurth by donating supplies, and we remain very grateful for the generosity of Brookshire Brothers Gaslight, HEB, Lufkin Coca-Cola and Walmart. The coverage provided by The Lufkin Daily News has been extremely helpful, and we are indebted to them, as well as Y100, 103 The Bull, KYKS radio stations and NBC KETK, for bringing excellent coverage on behalf of Kurth’s animals.

Those who helped to feed our customers by donating delicious potato salad are LaDonna Bailey, George and Dorothy Temple, Donna and David Work, Anita Martin, Cheryl Brose, Nancy Hallett, Gena Hanner, Janiece and Jeff Ward, Michelle Hill, Anna Lamb, Lynn Bauereiss, Sharon Adams and Jennifer Briggs.

The residents and businesses of our community never fail to help when you let them know of a need or a cause, and we remain very thankful for donations from Mr. Ray’s, Standpipe, IHOP, Gateway, Red Lobster, Guacamole’s, Furniture Fetish, Marco’s, Angelina Brewing Company, Flower Hill Farm, Wishing Well, Grizzly’s, Macy May, Bombshell, Mickey DuPre’, Bridgett Briley, Madison Briley, Sharon Bufler Young, Lynn Jackson, Glenda Davis, Mathew Wicker, Byron Jones, Marjorie Welch, Cheryl Brose, Zeata Rowe and Catherine Hall.

Night Howls is indebted to the hard work and dedication of those who love animals and want to make a difference for them. They are family, friends and some incredible souls we may never have met before, yet they come to take a stand for these homeless ones at Kurth and offer their support in any way. Those who came and worked for a cause they believed in include all of the staff of Kurth Animal Services and Adoption Center, Mickey DuPre’, Leslie Anders, Elda Miller, Nancy Hallett, Janet Avery-Sublett, Bridgett Briley, Mj Hall, Amber Hall, Zykee Allen, Felix Juarez, Keith and Kara James, Ariyana Goolsby, Kylie Briggs, Harriette Buschman, James and Jennifer Briggs, Johnny James and Bruce Sublett, who lent his musical talents.

The Friends of Kurth Adoption Center remain grateful for the many kindnesses extended to us and the countless people who came to say they cared. We hope that with this continued help and encouragement, we can look forward to a better day for those that have no voice. Their voice is in their eyes, their pleas and their look to us to be that helping hand. They are on a journey not of their choosing, but one that begs for change. With the support of our community, perhaps we can be hopeful for that better day when the homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens will be given the love they so freely give to us all of their lives. I thank you all very much.