This past week, I saw the first social media signs that people were dying for some football.

In essence, various memes and posts all said the same thing.

“There are no more weekends without football until the middle of February.”

“Football season is here!”

“If you need me, then too bad. It’s football season.”

With all due respect, it’s not quite that time yet. Yes, the NFL preseason officially kicked off with this past week’s Hall of Fame Game.

I just have a hard time recognizing that as the official start of football season.

If you’re a fan of local football, there are a few things to keep an eye on.

Erik McCoy is turning heads in New Orleans, and his former high school teammate Keke Coutee is starting his second season in Houston.

Dez Bryant is waiting for the right opportunity after last season’s chance ended prematurely.

Don Muhlbach is ready for yet another season as he prepares to turn 38.

I’ll keep an eye on all of that, but maybe I’m just a little too old to get completely amped for the preseason.

Back in my younger days, I would keep track of every “game” no matter the relevance.

In fact, one of my first preseason memories was Dallas going 3-1 in the 1989 preseason. I knew they were on the right track.

That was followed by a miserable 1-15 record.

That wasn’t nearly enough to turn me away.

For years, I would catch what I could of pretty much any game.

I slowly learned that from the results to the details, almost none of it mattered once the season kicked off in early September.

So for those who are excited about the preseason, then get after it. I’m not stopping you.

I’ll just catch up with you in about a month.

For those interested in what this week’s preseason has to offer, Thursday’s matchup between Arizona and Oakland is about as good as it gets.

Arizona introduces Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury, while the Raiders prepare for their lame duck season in Oakland.

Here is a little bit of what the sports world has to offer.

■ Pro baseball: L.A. Angels at Boston, noon today, TBS: The season is almost officially off the rails for the Red Sox, who were recently swept by the injury-depleted Yankees. It’s not a total lost cause, although they need to rack up some wins in order to stay within shouting distance of the playoffs.

■ Pro golf: The Northern Trust, 2 p.m. today, CBS: Any tournament that features Brooks Koepka has the potential to offer something great. He is part of this weekend’s field at the Northern Trust.

■ Auto racing: Monster Cup Consumers Energy 400, 2 p.m. today, NBC Sports: Kyle Busch has maintained a narrow lead on Joey Logano as the circuit hits mid-August.

■ Pro baseball: Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia, 6 p.m. Wednesday, ESPN: The Cubs and Phillies are teetering between being dangerous playoff teams or squads that could miss the playoffs altogether. They’ll both look to take a step toward the latter in this matchup.

■ Pro baseball: Houston at Oakland, 3 p.m. Saturday, FS1: The fact that the Astros have a comfortable lead on the A’s speaks to just how good they have been this season. Oakland is quietly putting together yet another strong season that has them competing for the Wild Card once again.

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