ATHENS — Water level is 9 inches low and clear. Surface temp in the mid 50s.

Crappie fishermen headed to Lake Fork and Lake O’ the Pines in East Texas this winter are reminded of a special “no cull” regulation on those lakes that prohibits the release of any crappie between Dec. 1 and Feb. 28, 2020.

HEMPHILL — Bass anglers are often quick to assume the worst when the fish stop biting on their favorite lake, particularly when the lull seemingly has no end.

FORK — Water level is two feet low and stained to clear. Water temp in the mid-50s.

ATHENS — Water level is 1.05 feet low and clear. Water temp is ranging from the upper 40 to mid-50s.

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission recently adopted several new regulations pertaining to tagging and updating requirements on passive fishing gear, including trotlines, throw lines, limb lines, perch traps and other gear used to target catfish.

ATHENS — Water level is a foot low and clear. Water temp in the low 60s.

Dawn was just a promise on the horizon and there was a light mist dancing around in the cool morning air. It was still too dark to see clearly, but I was able to make out the figure of a deer as it merged from a mesquite thicket and moved into a small opening about 75 yards away.

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