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Hi Taylor: I’m looking for a career shift to have more flexible hours and spend more time at home. Friends keep telling me about all these new remote jobs that are popping up, but I’m not sure where to look. Any leads? — Ben

DEAR JEFF: I know you’ve answered this before, but what is required for me to establish a legal guardianship over an adult relative? My sister is in need of some help, but I want to make sure things are done legally. Thanks, “She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Sister”

The Diboll Correctional Center is hosting a mental health fair for the inmates and employees.

Hilary Haglund Walker, a vice president and trust adviser with Regions Bank’s Private Wealth Management group, has been promoted to market executive for the bank in Lufkin, Nacogdoches and Palestine.

Brookshire Brothers Inc. whole-heartedly believes in being good people who sell good food and do good deeds in the communities where they live and work, and they’ve been doing just that for the past 100 years.

Hey Taylor: I went to a Starbucks the other day and it was closed because they “didn’t have enough workers.” When is this going to end? And is it because of the unemployment benefits or something else? — Lisa


Woodland Heights Medical Center has received the American Heart Association’s Gold Plus Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Quality Achievement Award for its commitment to ensuring stroke patients receive the most appropriate treatment according to nationally recognized, research-based guidelines.

Hey Taylor: I just read that Bill Gates owns more farmland than anyone else in the United States. Is that true? What does a tech billionaire want farms for? — Chad

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Hey Taylor: I run a little online retail company and I’m looking to expand. Business is going well but not booming, so I’m wondering how I can slowly grow my company without making some potentially fatal mistake. — Marjorie

Chase Luce has joined Austin Bank’s Lufkin office as vice president and relationship manager.

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DEAR JEFF: My uncle died a few months ago, but the family is refusing to probate her last will and testament. I was named as a beneficiary of her estate, but I do not have the original will. I only have a copy. Is there a way I can force them to probate the will — they are beginning to get r…

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Building permits issued by the city of Lufkin from Aug. 13-20, listed by address, owner, contractor, description:


Lufkin native Brian J. Dixon, M.D., has been named as one of The 400, Fort Worth Inc.’s compilation of 400 of the most influential people in Fort Worth, for his significant influence in the mental health industry.

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Hi Taylor: I’m probably about 20 years from retirement and I’m thinking about buying a house. I still have two kids that live at home, I’m a single father, I have $150,000 in my retirement account, and $180,000 in cash. Is it worth buying at this point or should I stay in the rental market? – Ron


Woodland Heights Medical Center recently announced it has been designated a level II (specialty care) maternal facility.

Hey Taylor: I’m usually a fan of Dave Ramsey, but he posted something recently about how a good credit score is a bad thing and I got a little confused. Any idea what he’s talking about and if it actually makes sense? — Alex

There are dozens of job openings in the area’s child care centers and Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas is offering two job fairs to help fill the gap.

DEAR JEFF: My wife and I signed a contract to buy our first house. We were just told the owner has decided to sell it to somebody else for a higher price — after he signed our contract. Is there anything we can do? “Home Is Where The Heart Is”

Hey Taylor: My son has been with a great company for 10 years and was recently relocated. He has been renting for the past 10 years but now wants to invest in a house since he is settling down and interest rates are low. He doesn’t have a lot of money saved up to use as a down payment, so I’…

Dr. Kristopher B. McCall of Dedicated Orthopedic Center of East Texas has been recognized by Super Doctors as one of the top physicians in Texas. Approximately 5% of the region’s active physicians receive this honor.

Hi Taylor: Any tips for someone interested in venture capitalism? I’ve just sold my own business for a decent amount and want to get back in the game without overextending myself, but I’m not exactly sure where to start. — Elizabeth

Hey Taylor: What are your thoughts on buying CDs? I know a couple of people who recommend them, but one of them is my father and I sometimes wonder if his strategies are of this time. What do you think? — Stan

Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas is continuing to offer a free multi-pronged approach to helping Deep East Texas businesses thrive and get individuals back to work or on a path to sustainable careers.

Hey Taylor: My brother asked if I could loan him money for a food service company he’s launching. I trust him and like the concept but get a little nervous about lending money to family. Any advice? — Marjorie

DEAR JEFF: My husband was married previously about 10 years ago. When he got a divorce, he had not been a resident of the county in which the divorce was granted. Is he legally divorced, and am I legally married to him? Thanks, “Married or Not?”

Angelina Beautiful/Clean recently presented Lufkin Parks & Recreation with a beautification award.

Hey Taylor: Any investments I can make that will stand up well against inflation? I feel like the dollar has to weaken soon and I’m wondering how I can protect myself. — Jeremy

First presented in 1967, the Excellence in Wood Design Award has become a symbol of outstanding achievement in project designs using wood and wood products in Texas.

DEAR JEFF: I am attempting to buy a tract of land that is landlocked by the current owner’s other property. If we close on the deal, do I automatically get access to the tract? Thanks, “Landlocked.”

Hey Taylor: I finally gave in and looked up NFTs. I guess the letters stand for Non-Fungible Token, and I’m probably more confused than before I did the research. Can you break this new trend down for me? — Marty