DEAR JEFF: I recently read an article that said that a payable-on-death form can be filled out that allows bank accounts and securities to pass to another person without going through probate. Is this correct, and where can I get the forms? Thanks, “Wrapping Up Loose Ends”

View detailed reports of major stock indexes and look up specific symbols.

DEAR JEFF: I recently read an article that said that a payable-on-death form can be filled out that allows bank accounts and securities to pass to another person without going through probate. Is this correct, and where can I get the forms? Thanks, “Wrapping Up Loose Ends”

Hey Taylor: My brother asked if I could loan him money for a food service company he’s launching. I trust him and like the concept, but get a little nervous about lending money to family. Any advice? — Marjorie

DEAR JEFF: My grandbaby is in the CPS system and is living with a relative. How long do these cases last? I would like for her to be home with her mother by Christmas. Thanks, “Trying My Best”

Hi Taylor: I out-earned my husband for the first 10 years of our marriage and covered most of our mortgage and retirement. His salary went up recently and I’m wondering about some sort of repayment plan, in the name of fairness. Would you be for or against? — Ginessa

Lockheed Martin donated $45,000 to help provide Wi-Fi access points and assistance with virtual/remote learning for students at Lufkin ISD.

Hey Taylor: Is there a good way to do a quick wire transfer? I recently had to send my brother a few hundred dollars and paid a lot in fees. Wondering if there’s a better way to do it. — Terrence

DEAR JEFF: What is the maximum amount of income a person may have and still qualify for Medicaid? I know the number is adjusted every year, but cannot find the current figure. Signed, “Getting Close to That Age”

Texas Forestry Association presented the 2020 TFA Member Communicator of the Year award to Rufus Duncan Jr. during the virtual annual conference held Oct. 28-29 at the TFA headquarters in Lufkin.

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The ninth annual Hiring Red, White and You! Virtual Job Fair is set for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday. Deep East Texas job seekers will have virtual access to meet with a diverse group of employers with job openings during an upcoming statewide virtual hiring fair.

Hey Taylor: I’m on the verge of breaking off to start my own construction company. I’ve never done anything this big before and I’m wondering if you have any advice to keep me from getting cold feet. — Andrew

DEAR JEFF: My husband is almost blind, and cannot see well enough to sign his name. Do I need a power of attorney to sign a will for him? If not, what can I do? Thanks, “Need to Know”

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Hi Taylor: Aside from Amazon, are there industries or businesses that have done well during the pandemic? I’ve been lucky enough to keep my job, but I’m wondering about younger people and those out of work — what options do they have for job searching? — Kelsey

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DEAR JEFF: I was in an automobile accident that was not my fault, and I was not hurt, but the other driver’s insurance company has never fixed my car. How long do I have to sue them? Thanks, “Wrecked”

Angelina County Commissioner Terry Pitts recently was honored for his completion of a voluntary advanced course on county government titled ‘‘Commissioners Court Advanced Curriculum.’’

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Southside Bank has joined the Texas Bankers Association and its charitable arm, the Texas Bankers Foundation, in making a contribution to the East Texas Food Bank, part of the Feeding Texas network of 21 food banks that serve all 254 Texas counties.

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DEAR JEFF: I am the independent executor of my brother’s estate. I’ve been approved, and Letters Testamentary have been issued. Am I now free to divide everything up and sell assets? Thanks, “Ready to Get This Done.”

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DEAR JEFF: What happens to debt when someone dies? I have some credit card debt. Will my husband and children be responsible for that debt after I am gone? Will it have to be paid out of life insurance? Thanks, “Deep in Debt”

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Hi Taylor: I’ve been reading about how there hasn’t really been a dip in homebuying even with COVID-19 and the economic struggles. Any idea where the market’s headed? — Nina

Hey Taylor: I’m looking at different options for budgeting software and keep hearing about various styles of budgeting. I always thought the options were to save money or spend it, but I guess there’s more to it? — Diego

Southside Bancshares Inc., the holding company of Southside Bank, will ring the Nasdaq Opening Bell from 8:15-8:30 a.m. Monday in celebration of the bank’s 60th anniversary.

Angelina Beautiful/Clean recently honored the Lufkin Landscape Task Force with a beautification award for its ‘‘Wall of Champions’’ mural.

Hey Taylor: I’m finally at a place where I earn a good living, have money set aside for retirement and investments, provide for my family ... and all I can think about is working less. How do I slow down, enjoy life, and not start stressing about money again? — Quinn

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Dear Jeff: I am the executor for my brother’s estate. He had some real estate and other property that needs to be transferred. There is a person interested in buying his house. Am I allowed to sell the house? I am still working on the official inventory, but would like to move quickly while …

DEAR JEFF: I have an employee who causes a lot of problems in my business. She disrupts other employees and acts unstable. Thankfully, she does not have any contact with customers. I would like to terminate her, but am concerned she will sue me. What can I do to protect myself? Signed, “Tire…

Leadership Lufkin alumni are now accepting nominations for the 30th annual Jack O. (Butch) McMullen Silver Spike Award.

Hey Taylor: Is it worth buying holiday travel right now? I feel like it’s not necessarily safe to board a plane, but that could change in a few months and the prices I’m seeing are hard to beat. Should I take a chance?

The Texas Forest Country Partnership is accepting nominations for the Silver Bucket Award and Small Business of the Year Award, to be presented at the Nov. 18 Economic Development Summit in Lufkin.

Hey Taylor: My daughter’s school has finally settled on remote learning for the fall semester. She did fine when school closed last spring, but I’m wondering if you have any tips for making this next semester productive while she does her distance learning and I try to work from home. — Marjorie

DIBOLL — Georgia-Pacific is partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Angelina County to help build new homes in the city of Huntington for two local families in need. This is the first time the nonprofit organization has selected new home sites in the south end of the county.

Hey Taylor: Do you have any recommendations for easing the burden of student loan debt? I’m working steadily and making my payments on time, but I’m wondering if there’s a better approach than losing money every month for the next 30 years. — Sharon

Woodland Heights Medical Center has received the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Silver Plus Quality Achievement Award.