The Angelina County & Cities Health District is reporting an additional 19 COVID-19 cases, bringing the total — including the Duncan Unit — to 629.

Not including the Duncan Unit there have been 464 positive tests, 225 recoveries and six deaths. There were six cases in the Intensive Care Unit as of 5:30 p.m. Thursday, according to the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council.

The health district has coordinated 1,739 tests in Angelina County. There have been 3,526 tests completed in total, including National Guard testing, according to Angelina County. However, the county website is still listing only 415 positive cases.

The Duncan Unit is reporting 165 cases with 35 recoveries and six deaths. They also report 10 active employee cases with 14 recoveries. There are 189 on medical restrictions and 187 in medical isolation. The facility is still on lockdown.

Polk County is reporting 106 cases with 42 recoveries. San Augustine County is reporting 103 with 34 recoveries and seven deaths.

Nacogdoches is reporting 348 cases with 275 recoveries, 49 active cases and 24 deaths.

Palestine is listed by The New York Times as the No. 1 city for growth in cases nationwide, but their curve is flattening, the paper said.

The state is reporting 131,917 cases, 2,296 fatalities and 74,496 recoveries, leaving 55,125 estimated active cases. There have been 1,875,197 tests completed and 176,697 antibody tests completed as of Wednesday.

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