Sharon Shaw


Though infections have slowed for a time, the state was reporting 70 active COVID-19 cases in Angelina County as of 5 p.m. Thursday.

“With the Fourth of July holiday and back to school approaching, we foresee an uptick in cases across the East Texas Region,” health district administrator Sharon Shaw said. “DSHS has confirmed that the delta variant has been found in COVID-19-positive samples in Angelina County.”

The Texas Department of State Health Services reported 8,413 estimated recoveries, 5,003 confirmed cases and 3,768 probable cases in Angelina County.

The virus has killed 288 county residents. The last new fatality reported by the state was on June 19.

While the state website indicates the new probable and confirmed cases have slowed, there are small increases where new cases are reported, but those updates are not regular. There were 23 new cases reported to the state July 8 and no updates since then.

Only 36.93% of Angelina County’s 86,715 residents (as of 2019) have been fully vaccinated, according to the state. There have been 54,493 doses administered in Angelina County, which includes first and second doses.

People between 16-49 years old make up the largest vaccinated group with 10,163 vaccinations, while people between 50 and 64 years old make up the next largest group with 8,910 vaccinations.

There are 8,107 people aged 65 to 79 who are vaccinated and 2,471 more than 80 years old vaccinated.

Children aged 12-15 make up the smallest group with 349 vaccinations. The state doesn’t list the age of 12 people who were vaccinated.

Across the board, more women in Angelina County are vaccinated than men. Whites account for 47.42% of the vaccinations, Hispanics account for 17.84%, Blacks account for 11.74% and Asians account for 1.14% of the vaccinations.

These figures fall in line with county demographics produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The number of vaccines given peaked in early April with 4,220 vaccines administered. There had only been 214 vaccine doses administered this week by Thursday.

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