The Angelina County & Cities Health District reported 277 new positive and probable cases of COVID-19 on Thursday after three days with no new information.

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services reported four new fatalities since Jan. 4, bringing the total to 157 people. Thirteen people have died due to complications with the virus since Jan. 1.

Also, hospitalizations have remained high in Trauma Service Area H with most of those coming from Angelina County, data from the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council shows.

The case fatality rate for Angelina County was 2.7% on Friday when the organization added probable cases to the total case count. The organization’s data is delayed in comparison to state and local data, so it doesn’t show the latest cases or fatalities.

The health district report shows 98 new positive cases and 179 new probable cases. There have been 3,790 positive and 2,323 probable cases as of Thursday night. The health district lists 6,113 total cases since the start of the pandemic.

State officials estimated 976 active cases and 4,703 recoveries in Angelina County Thursday night. The state also reported 3,692 confirmed cases and 2,144 probable cases.

A probable case is when a test detects a “specific antigen in a clinical-specific antibody in serum, plasma or whole blood indicative of a new or recent infection,” according to the health district. Recovery data is not reported by the health district because administrator Sharon Shaw said it would be impossible for the local district to track those cases.

Data reported by SETRAC shows the COVID-19 hospital census is at 35.91% of general and intensive care unit beds in local hospitals Thursday. There were 220 patients total between the two hospitals with 64 COVID-19 patients in general isolation and 15 in the ICU.

There were 23 new coronavirus admissions on Jan. 5, eight on Jan. 6 and nine on Jan. 7.

Statewide, there have been 1,666,487 confirmed cases, 225,254 probable cases, 28,938 fatalities and 1,522,105 estimated recoveries. State officials estimate 326,600 active cases, with 19,598 new positive cases, 4,320 new probable cases and 393 new fatalities on Thursday.

Fatality data is incomplete and daily fatality counts will continue to grow as more certificates are filed with the state, according to the state’s website.

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