Angelina County’s COVID-19 case total increased by 15 cases Monday, bringing the total to 154, according to the Angelina County & Cities Health District.

The county has had 1,008 tests completed, with 54 patients who have recovered, two who are hospitalized and a woman who died.

Within the health district’s COVID-19 testing partnership, 2,496 calls have been placed to the coronavirus call center, 1,439 tests have been completed and there have been 236 cases, with 87 recoveries, four hospitalizations and two deaths.

Polk County has 50 cases and 19 recoveries out of 245 tests completed, while San Augustine County has 26 cases, 14 recoveries, two hospitalizations and one death out of 73 tests completed. There have been six cases out of 113 tests for the other counties within the partnership.

Two more cases of COVID-19 reported Monday bring the Nacogdoches County total to 236, according to the County Emergency Management Office.

Three deaths confirmed over the weekend brings the county’s total fatalities from the virus to 15.

The state website reports 48,693 cases statewide that have resulted in 1,347 deaths. The agency estimates 28,371 patients have recovered. There have been 723,013 tests administered statewide.

To contact the Angelina County & Cities Health District coronavirus call center, call 630-8500. The call center is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Those who are not in the ACCHD jurisdiction are asked to call the Department of State Health Service’s COVID-19 call center at (877) 570-9779.

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