The Angelina County & Cities Health District on Wednesday reported 315 new positive COVID-19 cases and probable cases in Angelina County since Friday.

The Department of State Health Services reported nine new COVID-19-related deaths in the county since Tuesday.

The Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Committee is reporting a COVID-19 census of 34.47% and a total COVID-19 patient count of 81. Of those, 66 are in general isolation, 15 are in the ICU and 14 were new admits.

The health district reported a total of 6,237 cases with 3,851 positive and 2,386 probable cases Wednesday evening. The state reported 3,851 confirmed positives, 2,386 probable cases, 180 deaths, an estimated 1,069 active cases and an estimated 4,988 recovered cases.

The numbers reported by the state have typically been behind the numbers reported by the health district.

The state reported a total confirmed case count of 1,775,619 positive cases, 247,016 probable cases, 30,624 deaths and 1,612,188 estimated recoveries. Officials also reported an estimated 363,022 active cases, 22,270 new confirmed cases, 4,538 new probable cases and 405 new deaths.