Central ISD has become the fourth school district in the county to cancel distance learning.

A notice to parents says almost 94% of students were opting to attend classes face-to-face and less than 0.5% reported positive cases of COVID-19.

"The data collected after the first nine-week report cards indicates a very high failure rate for at-home learners," the message reads. "The percentage of students who are failing, or in jeopardy of failing, one or more classes, and/or losing credit, for the first semester grade period of our at-home learners, far outweighs the percentage of our at-school learners."

The message says that the district has concluded that face-to-face instruction provides a better opportunity for students to be successful and the time and effort of online learning on teachers negatively affects at-school learners.

"In order to provide the very best educational opportunities for our students, Central ISD will discontinue our at-home learning platform on Friday, Oct. 30, for all students without qualifying circumstances," the message reads.

They define qualifying circumstances as students at home because of a positive COVID-19 case, quarantining because of COVID-19 or a medically documented need to stay at home.

The message, posted on Monday, served as the Texas Education Agency's required 14-day notice to parents. All students should return to face-to-face learning on Nov. 2.

"The top two main priorities of CISD remain focused on the health and safety and academic success of every student," the message reads. "CISD truly feels this is in the best interest of every student moving forward."

The message included options for parents who do not wish to send their students back to face-to-face instruction:

■ Request a transfer to another school

■ Withdraw student to attend homeschool

■ Enroll student in an online school operated by the Texas Virtual School Network

Huntington ISD, Zavalla ISD and Hudson ISD have also made this decision to end online learning. Pineywoods Community Academy has asked parents to send their child back to face-to-face instruction if they are not handling it well.

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