Washing Lufkin Parks

Francisco Lopez owner of Lopez Pressure Wash blasts a bench at Kiwanis Park with a high-pressure stream of soap Friday.

Lopez Pressure Wash and Domino’s Pizza teamed up to have the city of Lufkin’s park playgrounds cleaned Friday.

The local pressure-washing service started with Kiwanis Park early Friday morning. It isn’t the first time Lopez Pressure Wash has cleaned up playground parks, either; they had recently done the same for Corrigan.

“We’re doing all of the Lufkin playgrounds,” said Ashley Lopez, who owns Lopez Pressure Wash alongside her husband Francisco Lopez. “We’re donating it to help the spread of any sicknesses, illnesses, anything like that. We just did that for Corrigan.

“We decided, let’s donate to Lufkin as well, since it’s our main service area.”

With COVID-19 concerns present in the community, Lopez Pressure Wash opted to give anything children might come into contact with at the park a good scrub down for their safety.

“Anything the kids play with out there, it’s getting washed,” Lopez said. ”The slides, the swings, all of it. All the little parks we’ll be doing.”

Lopez spoke with Michael Flinn, the city’s director of Parks & Recreation, to get the OK for washing down the parks. Flinn gave the company maps to work off of in their endeavor, Lopez said.

Domino’s Pizza is contributing to the cost of the cleaning. Greg Randolph, owner at the local Domino’s, hoped it could inspire others to help one another.

“Our country and the world is obviously going through a very tough time right now and my hope and prayer is this small gesture might help in some way,” he said. “I also hope this might inspire others to look for ways to love their neighbor and help one another where we can. With faith and persistence, we will get through this.”

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