Shot Volunteers

Jennifer Steele-Lantis, her 18-year-old daughter, Abbey Lantis, and her mother-in-law, Pat Lantis have all volunteered multiple times over the last few weeks.

Three generations of women in a local family have been volunteering at the COVID-19 shot clinic at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center.

Jennifer Steele-Lantis, an associate pastor at First Christian Church, her 18-year-old daughter, Abbey Lantis, and her mother-in-law, Pat Lantis, have volunteered at the clinic multiple times, Jennifer said.

“It’s probably my fourth, maybe fifth time,” she said. “It’s my daughter’s second time and my mother-in-law volunteers once a week.”

Volunteering at the clinic has been a form of almost celebration for Lantis, she said. She was excited for an opportunity to give back to her community after such a long and difficult year.

“Being a part of this feels like you’re doing something responsible to open our community back up to be able to have more freedom and protect the people we love,” she said.

The clinic has been fun too, she said. She’s made a point to do several different jobs; at this point she has driven a golf cart, opened the doors for people, registered people and escorted them to their nurse stations.

“It was cool because the last person sends them to the station,” she said. “I’ve done different things because it’s fun to see all the different pieces of the puzzle.”

She’s learned how much goes into the process to make the system operate as smoothly as it does. It takes so many volunteers and the Angelina County & Cities Health District is constantly tweaking the process to improve functionality, she said.

“It’s fun to be a part of something big for the community that contributes to public health,” Lantis said.

“I have watched the health department really work through and hone this system. Each time I’ve gone it’s been a little different.”

She fully recommends people volunteer at the clinic, she said.

“I think my parting words would be, ‘Get your shot and come help,’” Lantis said.

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