I have to brag! Granddaughter Hannah Herde successfully defended her dissertation in particle physics on June 11. She said, “It means a lot to me that you plan to attend to support me as I take this final step of my PhD via zoom.” There were more than 70 participants watching her defend her thesis on the Higgs boson mass via Zoom.

Hannah was in Northern Sweden; her adviser, Gabriella, her two other examiners and we participants watched from around the world. College professors, high school teachers, friends from all over the world and family joined to watch. She did a 45-minute presentation and then the examiners asked questions that we were not allowed to hear. Then, they came back with their decision that she was officially Dr. Hannah Herde after working for six years toward this day.

Janice Ann Rowe’s email address is roweja@suddenlink.net.

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