Janie and James Slack were fortunate enough on March 4 to have tickets to the Houston Rodeo. The star was Willie Nelson. All these years, being raised in Texas, they had never heard him in person. The fears of the coronavirus had just started buzzing in America. It didn’t deter them from going. Janie’s friend since preschool and her husband are very involved in the Houston Rodeo. They have no idea how many offices her husband has held at the rodeo, but the tickets were on the director’s floor. A special ticket took them up to their floor. There they have hors d’oeuvres, dinner, drinks and desserts. They are passionate about their ice cream and incredible selection of toppings. There is seating to watch the rodeo, or you can watch on screens scattered all over to see the events. Willie came on at the end with much fanfare. Willie sang for an hour and played his trusty guitar, Trigger. His sister Bobbie was amazing on the piano. She is two years older than little brother Willie, who is 86. One of his guitarists sang one song. Didn’t catch his name, but he had a great voice. The band member on the harmonica was also excellent. Willie sang some newer versions of his songs and some old favorites. They didn’t care that they were so high up in the arena because it was a joyful occasion and listening to Willie is a must for every Texan. Not a soul left the arena until Willie sang his last song. Standing ovations.

I wrote last week that my hummingbird is back. Ann Richardson had two hummingbirds on March 20. Brenda May, who lives near Cassells-Boykin, had a little female hummingbird winter in her Bottlebrush plant. She is not a ruby-throated. She thinks it might be a buff-bellied because of the rust color on her wings and back. “Little Man” — as her husband Lowell, who passed away in 2012, called him — showed up on Thursday the 19th. He is the ruby-throated scout and always arrives between the 18th and 24th of March.

Phyllis Clark, who lives in the Hudson area, had her first hummingbird on March 21 at about 5 p.m. Get those feeders out. Maybe this is our cold spell before Easter and spring is near.

Sylvia Burley Goff is not living in Houston. I saw something on her Facebook and thought that she had moved.

I had to make a run to Brookshire Brothers and met Berry Kidwell, a retired former postal worker. He was at the downtown post office for years. The check-out lines at noon on Friday at Gaslight were long.

Mollie Haney and daughter-in-law Lori Haney went to Germany to check on Zach Haney. Zach played basketball for Atascocita High School near Humble. He was granted a basketball scholarship and graduated from Boise State University. Upon graduation, he was drafted in 2019 by the Astrostars in Bochum, Germany, where he joined the professional basketball team. Mollie and Lori were able to see Zach play two games and then the championship was canceled like over here. They were able to tour London, Paris, the Netherlands and Prague. Over there the players are furnished a car, a place to live in an Olympic dorm, food and are paid. The season starts in August. Zach is 7 feet tall and belongs to Chuck and Lori Haney. Lori had traveled overseas on her job and knew her way around Europe. They had no problems in the 18 days that they were gone. Zach spoke no German but his next-door neighbor spoke five languages fluently. He will go back next year and may be moved up a classification. He scored over 30 points a game. Brax Haney is the granddad that stayed home for those 18 days by himself. Zach is home until next season in August.

Jill and Scotty West with children Landon, Evan and baby Nora spent spring break at Moody Gardens for four days enjoying the Rainforest and Aquarium Pyramids, saw the “Great Bear Rainforest 3D” movie filmed in Canada, and took a trip to Pleasure Pier for the rides. Jill’s parents, Paula and Mark McClellan, met them for the vacation at the Moody Gardens Hotel.

Dorothy Brock called that they have three drive-thru lanes at Chick-fil-A on the loop. Quick service.

We had Sunday church services at home with Julie and Rocky Morris and then decided that we wanted something for lunch. Tome Express was who I called and Morgan Wagone answered the phone. We got their bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken breast and cheesy potatoes. Britany Vinson is the chef and they are working seven days a week to help out in the food business. They are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ernest‘s flip phone died and we went to the AT&T on Brentwood. We bought a flip phone at Walmart in Alvin and the AT&T store put the contacts in and synched it to his truck.

Karen and Scott Stubblefield rent the house at 1213 Reen. Last week, Scott was mowing his yard and Ernest was raking pine straw. Scott motioned to our yard and his mower. He came over and mowed our front yard. Ernest said that it looked so weedy that the neighbors were ashamed of us. That afternoon, son-in-law Rocky Morris came over and mowed our backyard with his new 42-inch John Deere riding mower. He also mowed Rebecca West‘s front yard. Scott had a knee replacement and is home recuperating with wife Karen. Our small world ... Karen and my Nancy Jumper Herde met in Washington, D.C. She came to Nancy and Michael‘s wedding and now Karen lives across the street.

The St. Andrew fish fry for the nuns at the Monastery that was to be April 3 has been postponed. Tickets purchased will be honored.

The Lufkin Landscape Task Force Garden Tour has been postponed. Maybe they can reschedule for a fall tour.

Sorry for bad news. Let me know your good news.

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