Jayne McCurry, Val Dobrec and Julie Jumper-Morris hosted the “Bonton Ladies” at Jayne’s beautiful back patio and yard on Thursday. The J.A. Bonton survey is on the county tax roll, and the Bonton Ladies live in that survey. So if you lived in that survey, you were invited.

Attending were: Susan Dickens, Thalia Tierney, Nancy Moore, Laura Koch, Linda Sparks, Emme Cason, Jackie Zimmerman, Janice Ann Rowe, Donna Davidson, Debbie Davidson, Stacy Smith and Anitra Welch. It was fun to meet neighbors that we had not met. Us old-timers remembered who lived in their houses when Reen/Wildbriar and the neighborhood were filled with children.

Janice Ann Rowe’s email address is roweja@suddenlink.net.