Good morning friends and Senior Center family. It’s been two months since I have written an article for The Lufkin Daily News and it feels so good to be at my computer now.

I have emailed, called, sent cards and personally happened to “run into” some of you in the past few weeks. It is always good to hear your voice or see you.

A week ago Monday, I had a brainstorm and Lorrie and I went to the center and parked waiting for different individuals to come and pick up their frozen meals. We did get to talk to, or wave at, 11 of our favorite seniors.

What a relief. We have truly missed everyone. I have not worked since March 9 and have tried to obey CDC regulations. We just have to get out of “our cage” at some point. I go to the center to see the office workers some afternoons to catch up on any news I can. (So far there isn’t much news as to when the center will reopen. I wish I could tell you it will be soon, but we will just have to wait on the governor’s OK to reopen.

Poor Sheila has taken down all the pretty decorations for Easter. We all worked so hard making Easter baskets for the nursing home residents and due to the virus all that was canceled.

Then Sheila was looking toward having a Mother’s Day Tea. It never happened. Sorry, Sheila.

As far as news, we lost one of our favorite seniors on May 15. Ms. Betty Ray went on to her reward and she will be missed by all who knew her. Betty was a faithful “42” player and she loved gospel music on Friday. She and “Clyde” had a thing going. He called her “sugar mama.” We send our condolences to Billy, Garry and Ricky and their families. Betty was a precious, sweet lady. RIP, Betty. We will see you again someday — maybe soon.

James Smathers has been in the hospital numerous times since our closing and went through rehab at Parkwood. He is now at home and has his good days and bad days (don’t we all?). Patricia is not doing well since her falls and is on a walker. This sweet couple needs our prayers.

Joe Wilson has been having knee problems and I haven’t heard if he has had surgery. He also needs prayers. So far as I know, none of our seniors have had any coronavirus symptoms and that is a plus. God is good.

The center employees have now gone to a three-day work week. Meals are being prepared and delivered to the Meals on Wheels clients. Thank you Tabatha, Shan, Moises, Johnny, Jennifer, and sometimes Wendy, Kellie and Sheila for all your hard work getting the meals out. You do make a difference.

When we get back in operation again, you will see some drastic changes within the offices. In the large room, we now see Sheila, Kellie and Wendy at their desks and some new office furniture (donated to us). Marilyn and I chose to keep the same desks and file cabinets we already had.

The dining room has new LED lighting now. I don’t know what they will come up with next, but I assure you it will be interesting.

As for what I’ve been doing in my time off, I’ve had plumbing problems, car troubles and house repairs upcoming. I’ve had FaceTime with my doctors and associate pastor. Thanking God for technology. We still got to enjoy our church services via phone. I’ve relearned to cook some pretty good meals and probably gained weight like the majority of you have. That’s bad.

I miss everyone and hope we will soon be together again. I will continue to call or otherwise keep in touch with you. Call me anytime or email me if you have my address. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. My address is at the end of this article.

Will let you know when we can reopen the center. Until then, take care, stay home and stay safe. Wear that mask when you go out for essentials. (Oh, how I hate that mask. One good reason to stay home.)

Nell Addington is the site manager and activity director at the Angelina County Senior Citizens Center. She can be reached at

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