Javoski Williams, 18, was arrested at Hudson ISD around lunchtime Monday for carrying a 9 mm handgun on the high school campus, the school’s superintendent Donny Webb said.

Williams was booked into the Angelina County Jail late Monday afternoon on a charge of carrying a weapon in a place where the weapon is prohibited.

A text message sent to Hudson ISD parents said school was to continue as usual and that campus was not put on lockdown. A voicemail and email were sent to parents later in the day.

The school was not shut down because administrators believe it was an isolated incident.

One student was speaking to school administrators and told them that another student told him about Williams having a gun for self-defense, the email Webb sent parents said. The administration immediately took action and searched Williams, finding the 9 mm in a fanny pack at his waist.

The gun had one bullet in the chamber but no others in the magazine. They didn’t find any other ammunition.

“There was no incident. He was very compliant,” Webb said. “We believe this was an isolated incident. My understanding is that the student brought the gun for self-defense and did not bring it with the intent to do harm to the general public.”

Williams said he brought the gun because of an incident in a public park where he and some of his friends were threatened by other students while playing basketball, the email said. After this, he thought there may be more of an issue and decided to bring a gun to school, the email said.

The school administration also searched and questioned the students who threatened Williams and his friends and do not think they will be an issue.

“While no campus or district can ‘100%’ prevent issues, it is certainly our top priority to do all that we can,” Webb said. “Fortunately, this situation ended without further issues. I am appreciative of our police officers and campus staff for a job well-done.”

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