Angelina Beautiful/Clean, the city of Lufkin and Cook Tire & Service Center have partnered to host a tire and e-waste collection day from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday.

On the day of, citizens will have a chance to drop tires and electronic waste at the Lufkin Solid Waste/Regional Recycling Center at 500 Southpark Drive.

"We always want to provide community members an opportunity to recycle these materials," AB/C executive director Emily Thornton said. "Tires are one of the most illegally dumped items you can find in our waterways, along our roads, in our parks, so we always want to provide everyone an opportunity to not only dispose of them properly but recycle them, as well. The same goes for electronics."

Solid Waste Recycling Center director Kent Havard said the center does not make a profit on this event, but it is a good way to get some environmentally unfriendly materials disposed of properly.

The tires are transported to a tire recycling facility in Cleveland to be repurposed for things like artificial turf playing fields or tracks.

The e-waste is taken to CMC Metals, which purchases it and removes scrap metals or other components that can be repurposed or reused. Havard said they are licensed through the federal government to do this.

At this time, the center is not accepting computer monitors or televisions, however.

"We have researched and looked. There is just no place that we can find that disposes of TVs and computer monitors," Havard said. "Now, the county landfill will take them from an individual, but they will not take them from us."

Best Buy accepts monitors and televisions from individuals for $25. For information on what items Best Buy takes and which are free or have a cost associated, visit

This event is a mostly free resource for the community, and not many organizations provide opportunities like this, Thornton said. She said her favorite part about these kind of events is the impact they leave behind.

"At the stream clean-up we had just a few weeks ago, tires were one of the most common items we found. They're buried in there, and they've become a part of that eco-system," Thornton said. "It's really sad. I love being able to say that my organization provides resources to where that doesn't need to happen."

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