Steve Allen and Trae Trevathan

Challenger Steve Allen beat incumbent Greg Harrison on Tuesday night in the Republican primary runoff election for Precinct 1 Angelina County commissioner.

“I am humbled and grateful for all of the support that I have been shown,” a Facebook post Allen wrote on his campaign page read.

“I would like to thank each of my supporters for putting their trust in me. I am looking forward to using my previous experience and abilities to improve the roads in Precinct 1. Beginning in January of 2021, I commit to doing my part on the commissioners court to help make Angelina County a better place to live and raise families.”

Allen received 1,207 votes while Harrison collected 480. Harrison was first sworn into office in 2015 when he beat Allen, who’d served as commissioner after previous county commissioner Rick Harrison died.

Harrison told The Lufkin Daily News that he looks forward to enjoying some time with his wife and grandbabies out camping and fishing.

“I’m probably going to work a bit here and there to supplement some stuff. It’s not because I have to, but because I want to,” he said. “I just hope and pray that the good Lord takes care of this county like He should.”

Harrison said he was grateful for the clean election that Allen ran and that there wasn’t any badmouthing. He hopes Allen is up for the job and said that Allen will be starting off well because of the tax note Harrison made sure was secured for the county.

“We’ve got some extra money, so he can get in and fix roads,” Harrison said.

In the race for Precinct 2 constable, incumbent Trae Trevathan beat Danny Anders 929 to 723.

Allen and Trevathan will be sworn into office on Jan. 1, 2021.

The Democratic runoff between state Sen. Royce West and Mary ''MJ'' Hegar, a former Air Force helicopter pilot, for the right to face Republican Sen. John Cornyn in November remained too close to call hours after polls closed, according to the Associated Press. West beat Hegar 679 to 468 in Angelina County.

Chrysta Castaneda was leading Roberto R. “Beto” Alonzo in the Democratic runoff for railroad commissioner with 62.12% of the vote. In Angelina County, she beat Alonzo 643 to 487.

“The turnout was great,” elections administrator Elizabeth Hawkins said. “In 2018 there were fewer than 100 voters the whole time. The number of voters really picked up this time. There was more participation. This shows everybody is out and wants to vote.”