A former Hudson ISD kindergarten teacher arrested Saturday has admitted to having sex with four high school students, according to an arrest warrant released Monday.

Lufkin Police officer Hector Rosales arrested Heather Robertson, 38, of Lufkin, after pulling her vehicle over on Frank Avenue near Third Street about noon Saturday, according to a Lufkin Police Department press release.

On Thursday, Hudson ISD police received information that Robertson had possibly been sexually involved with several high school students, according to the warrant. After obtaining a list of students who were possibly sexually involved with Robertson, police began to question each student.

One of the students told police that he and Robertson began “chatting and sexting” on Snapchat shortly after spring break, the warrant stated. At some point, Robertson reportedly asked him to come over to her apartment to have sex. The boy then told Robertson that a friend was with him and asked if it was OK if he came over, too, and she said it was fine, the student told police.

The boys said that when they arrived to the apartment, Robertson was lying on the couch vaping, according to the warrant. After speaking with the boys for a few minutes, Robertson told them to follow her to her bedroom, where she began taking off her clothes before having sex with both students at the same time, according to the warrant.

The boys told police that there were two other students who had possibly been sexually involved with Robertson, the warrant stated. Police then spoke with the two other students, who said they had sex with her at her apartment on multiple occasions.

One of the boys told police they would sneak out of their homes, and Robertson would pick them up and take them to her apartment, according to the warrant. He said he and Robertson “somehow became friends” on Snapchat, and that at some point she sent him a message asking if he and another student “would like to hang out.”

He said Robertson picked him and his friend up late at night, then took them to her apartment and had sex with them, the warrant stated. He told police he had sex with Robertson on two or three other occasions. The boy’s friend told police he had sex with Robertson twice but could not remember the dates.

In an interview with police, Robertson admitted to picking the boys up and taking them to her apartment, where they had sex, and that she had sex with one of the students four times, according to the warrant. She said the first sexual encounter occurred in late 2016, and the last time was April 14. She also admitted to having sex with the two students at the same time, but said it was the only time she was sexually involved with those boys.

She told police she did not “require” the boys to use a condom because she was no longer able to have children, the warrant stated. She said she recently became a heavy drinker and would sometimes forget the details of the sexual encounters. She also said she instructed the boys not to tell anyone because she would get in trouble.

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers arrested Robertson on a charge of driving while intoxicated in late March. That is her only other arrest in Angelina County, according to public records.

Hudson ISD Superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker told The Lufkin News on Friday that she became aware of the allegations against Robertson on Thursday morning, and Robertson resigned later that afternoon.

“We acted immediately and began our investigation,” Whiteker said. “We pursued with the correct protocol we have to follow. I accepted the resignation (Thursday) afternoon, and it has been submitted through the appropriate legal channels. Our investigation has been finalized.”

Robertson’s Facebook account indicated that she worked as a teacher at Lufkin’s Burley Primary from August 2000 until 2013.

If convicted of the improper relationship charges, Robertson faces up to 20 years in prison, according to the LPD release.

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