We’ve all done it: You’re distracted, you put something on top of your car, then you drive away without realizing it until you’re miles down the road wondering, “Hey, what did I do with my Coke?”

A Huntington man is out almost $5,000 after leaving an envelope containing a bank withdrawal on top of his girlfriend’s car Saturday before driving to the car wash while the cash apparently scattered down U.S. Highway 69 near Sonic.

Jacob Jordy had withdrawn the money that day to buy a truck but changed his mind after going to check out the vehicle and returned to his house. Once there, he and his girlfriend got in her car and drove to the car wash.

Jordy said he realized at one point he had left his Chick-fil-A drink on top of the car and that it fell off, thinking, “Oh, well.” But when they arrived at the car wash, he also discovered his keys on top of the car and breathed a sigh of relief.

That relief was short-lived.

When he returned home from the car wash, he couldn't remember what he had done with the envelope with the cash withdrawal. That's when he realized he had left it on top of the car, too.

Jordy said they didn’t see anybody on the road en route to the car wash, and they only put in four quarters while they were there. But in that four minutes' time, motorists had apparently pulled over and collected the $50 and $100 bills that had flown from the top of the car.

“I had been walking up and down the road and I found one of the $50 bills,” he said, noting there were tire tracks all over the ditch.

“I’ve had a couple people say traffic was backed up and people were out in the road gathering it up,” he said.

“One person said they saw a cattle trailer,” he added, noting that doesn’t do much to narrow things down in East Texas.

One woman called the Huntington Police Department and reported finding $500, which she will be returning to Jordy. He’s just praying others will come forward too when they hear the story about what happened.

“This rain and sitting inside is making me go crazy. I’ve been so scatterbrained lately,” he said. “I’m thankful I was getting (the money) out just to buy something like a truck. So I still have money. I’ll be able to eat and everything. But I’m way behind on savings. It’s going to take me a year or more to get that back.”

Anyone who has found any of the money and would like to return it to Jordy is urged to contact his mom, Fancy Jordy, at (936) 212-0431.

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