Lufkin community members are preparing for the arrival of Imperial Plumbing LLC, a Utah-based company that will arrive in town this week to offer its services to those in need.

NeighborhoodSTRONG, Salvation Animal Rescue and Lufkin’s Red Cross have begun compiling information on homes with plumbing in need of repair to keep the 10 Utah employees busy. Salvation Animal Rescue also has opened a meal train for anyone who wants to thank these men for their help in town by feeding them.

Those who need help can sign up by direct messaging Dianna Hale, a co-founder of Salvation, or the rescue on Facebook. Hale needs to know:

■ First and last name.

■ Complete address.

■ A good phone number for the company to reach out to prior to coming.

Hale asked that those who can afford to use a local company use a local company and let Imperial employees help those who legitimately cannot afford the work that needs to be done.

“They’re going to do what they can,” she said. “They’ll work within their means, the people they have and the supplies they have. They may not get to you.”

Those who want to support Imperial’s team can do so in a few ways. A meal train was put together at to offer the crew two meals a day, one at 7 a.m. and the other 7 p.m.

A meal train allows people to pick designated days and times to supply food, Hale just asks that anyone who participates follows through. The meals don’t have to be home cooked, but can be ordered from a restaurant or off of DoorDash, she said.

The crew is staying at the LaQuinta Inn and Hale said the hotel will allow food to be dropped off at the hotel.

Hale is working on setting up a fundraiser for locals who have the ability to help cover the cost of this trip for Imperial.

Frank Hatch, owner of Imperial, has also put up a Venmo for anyone who wants to donate to help the company afford this trip.

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