David Earl Johnson

David Earl Johnson

Editor’s note: This story contains graphic content.

Police arrested a Lufkin man this morning after being called to Walmart for a report of an indecent exposure in progress, according to a report from Lufkin Police Department public relations specialist Jessica Pebsworth.

The store’s loss prevention officers reported that David Johnson, 24, was in the store masturbating while watching female customers, the report states.

The store employees immediately recognized Johnson due to a similar incident on Feb. 2 in which he was seen masturbating while watching a woman with her young children near the shoe section. Johnson ejaculated on a shirt that was merchandise during the February incident and the shirt was collected as evidence, according to the report.  

Johnson left the scene before officers arrived during the February incident. He returned to the store two days later and officers issued him a criminal trespass warning for Walmart.

A detective investigated the February incident and obtained a warrant for Johnson’s arrest on a charge of indecent exposure.  

In the incident today, loss prevention saw Johnson with his hands in the front of his shorts, masturbating while watching two different females — one near the pharmacy, whom he briefly followed before following another woman to the snack aisle, the report states.

Officers made contact with Johnson near the chip aisle and attempted to identify him. He initially claimed he did not have any identification on him and then gave a fake name, according to the report. Officers noted that he had Vaseline and a wallet in his pocket.

After being asked if he had identification in his wallet, he admitted that he did but it was out of date. Officers asked if they could see it and he suddenly turned and ran away, according to the report.

A short foot chase ensued in which Johnson tackled to the ground and drive-stunned with a Taser before being taken into custody in the children’s clothing section, the report states.

Johnson is charged with failure to identify, criminal trespass and evading arrest. A warrant for indecent exposure for the February incident was also served on Johnson today.

Because the women he followed today did not see him expose himself, he will not be charged with indecent exposure in this incident.

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