By the grace of God, by His love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, we hope and expect to see people again in Heaven, and meanwhile here on earth we can pray for His help against the virus and fraudulent presidential election which are already moving us closer to socialism and loss of freedom.

President Donald Trump, although having some common faults of human nature and maybe more than usual ego which maybe helps his personal endurance, is an unusually strong, intelligent and honest man, able to withstand and overcome personal attacks, while still going on to do more for the USA than any president since George Washington, with an understanding to realize a conservative view of what is believed to be our founders’ intent for following God’s way in our constitutional government, and has grown in that conservative understanding for the last four years, even while, sadly, being cruelly persecuted by a multitude of people which can be briefly described as the radical Democratic Party.

To repeat again, I believe God put Donald Trump in office in 2016 as a strong person to help wake up America to push back against the radical Democratic Party’s destruction of our country.

Now the radical Democrats have continued their hateful persecution of Trump, conservatives, and our constitution, and apparently fraudulently won the 2020 election to make Joe Biden president. And if the radical Democrats win the Jan. 5 senate races in Georgia, that will give them total control to run a socialist-communistic government telling the people what to do and what not to do, and allow them to finish destroying our constitution and freedom and wreck the economy and the more stable foreign policy which Trump has enabled.

The term radical Democrats serves as a brief description of a large group of people, either parts of the Democratic Party or pushers and supporters thereof, which have been misled and having not yet realized the error of their ways. They have allowed themselves to perpetuate a hateful and evil persecution against Trump, other conservatives and the good conservative constitution and traditions of the USA.

Some of those radical Democrats include people of the Democratic Party itself, the mainstream news media like CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, NY Times and the Associated Press; the so-called Deep State being some unelected leaders in various agencies like DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc., using their governmental power to push Democratic efforts against conservatives; the so-called Big Tech like Twitter, Facebook and Google using internet power to help Democrats censor free speech on conservative issues; some very rich Democrats using medial and radical groups to make false accusations of racism, etc., to help Democrats gain more power by turning Black people against white people; and colleges (and some public schools) using leftist educators to indoctrinate young people to hate our country, etc. And the list goes on.

Why do the mainstream news media, Deep State and Big Tech hold back basic information from the news so people don’t know that there has been an FBI investigation into the Biden family dealings with Chinese government until after the election? Part of the election fraud?

Why did Big Tech censor the NY Post story about the Biden family dealings with the Chinese government until after the election? Part of the election fraud?

Why does the mainstream news media hide the truth or ignore any story that may be beneficial to conservatives or that may expose Democratic wrongdoing?

Why does the mainstream news media, for more than four years, always wrongly say bad things, lie about Trump and not give him credit for doing any good?

Is the radical Democrats’ hate for Trump just a personal hate for that man or is it because Trump has a good understanding of the conservative ways our founders intended when they made the constitution to guide the U.S. to be a free and sovereign country with rights from our Creator (under God)?

Since the radical Democrats want a socialist government, like a new world order globalist big-government (no rights from God included), then our Founders’ conservative view of a free and sovereign country under God would be in a conflict with the Democrats’ desires.

So, the Democrats, knowing Trump as a strong leader who may be able to guide the American people in the right direction to hold on to the Founders’ view, hate Trump and work to get rid of him because of that.

And how do the Democratic socialist plans fit with the World Economic Forum’s (and United Nations’) talk of using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to do a “Great Reset” to change the world economic system from capitalism to some sort of socialism?

I pray for a miracle to keep Trump as president.

Charles Nick, Lufkin

Charles Nick of Lufkin is a regular contributor to The Lufkin Daily News’ Opinion page.