The Lufkin Police Department filed first-degree felony warrants on two former Pineywood Community Academy students following investigations of a threat in April.

PCA reported the possible threat made by then-17-year-old student Ty Brandon Hodges to Lufkin police on April 5. Detectives spoke with Hodges and searched his phone, and took statements from several students. At the time, there was no evidence to suggest Hodges was involved in criminal activity, a report from LPD states.

Hodges said that what might have been considered a threat was him saying someone was on his “list,” a “crap list.” He also told detectives he had recently done a college research project on the Columbine shooting.

Because there was no evidence to show Hodges planned a crime or that he had made threats to the campus or individuals, the matter was turned over to PCA officials.

On Nov. 14, detectives received new information about a juvenile PCA student who had been corresponding with Hodges via text. Messages dated from January to February of this year included maps of the school, photos of accessible guns owned by family members and a note entry titled “shooting plans suicide one” with a subtitle of “(Juvenile’s name omitted) and Ty’s suicide/shooting plans.”

Language used in the communications appeared to have borrowed directly from a similar list written by the Columbine shooters, the release states. Detectives were not aware of the juvenile’s involvement in the case during the April investigation.

LPD notified PCA of the new developments in the case and both Hodges and the juvenile were expelled. Police Chief David Thomas said LPD will continue to work with officials to maintain safety and security.

“Our number one priority is the safety of the citizens of our community,” he said. “With the world that we live in, we have to take these types of plans and threats seriously. We would rather avert an active attack than have to respond to one.”

Hodges turned himself in to authorities Thursday on a charge of criminal conspiracy. He is cooperating with the investigation, the release states. He was booked into the jail Thursday and later released after he posted bond.

The juvenile will have his case turned over to the juvenile justice system.

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