The annual Fourth of July celebration has been one of the many events canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic, but Mike Love & Associates and 94 Fireworks are trying to curb the disappointment by giving away $10,000 worth of fireworks to Angelina County residents.

“The ‘big show’ at the park is canceled for social distancing this year, so the Mike Love & Associates law firm is bringing the show to you by giving away $100 worth of fireworks to 100 East Texas Families,” the entry website reads. “We may have to wait until 2021 before we can light up the entire East Texas sky again, but we can still celebrate this great country with family and friends.”

East Texas families can sign up to win a $100 firework voucher from 94 Fireworks in Hudson by providing their name, phone and email. Only one entry is allowed per person, and entries are due by Monday.

The big show has been provided by the law firm for more than 20 years. Mike Love said it began out of his love and fond memories of the annual July 4 fireworks show at Ellen Trout Park.

“In 2006, it had been four or five years since Lufkin had a July 4 fireworks show and the law firm really wanted to do whatever we could to help get it going again,” Love said. “As luck would have it, when we started the process in February 2006, every pyrotechnic company in the southern United States was already booked for July 4, but a Louisiana company offered to send us through their training program so that we could do the show on our own.”

So Love and other employees at the firm attended training, took state tests and purchased their own custom firing system. After assisting with six smaller firework shows in preparation, they were ready to host the show in Lufkin and revamp an old tradition.

“Over the years, July 4 has become our favorite community event,” Love said. “It is an amazing opportunity to bring the community together and to reflect on the blessings we have in this country and all the people that have come and gone before us to make that happen.”

While the decision to cancel this year’s celebration was a disappointment to the firm, Love said he understands why the city chose to do so and knew the city did not make the decision lightly.

Love said they wanted to host the contest to demonstrate that, while COVID-19 can “push our comfort zone, it can’t hold us down.”

“If life closes a window, open a door,” he said. “We might not be able to have the big show at the park, but we can still get together in smaller groups of friends and family and that can be just as special. The law firm wanted to be able to help in that process.”

Reece Maddox, owner of 94 Fireworks, said he wanted to be able to give back to the community and to encourage people to visit his shop through this partnership with the law firm.

“We’ve had a few people come through already with their gift certificates,” Maddox said. “Yesterday, some parents and a little boy came through. Normally, the little kids will try to pick out stuff, and the parents will go, oh, you know, because it gets expensive, but that boy came in and he got to pick out whatever he wanted with his gift card. That was pretty cool.”

Winners will continue to be drawn through Tuesday. To enter the contest, visit

“We have been through tough times before and ‘this too shall pass,’” Love said. “We hope everyone has a safe and fun July 4 with friends and family, and we are looking forward to the biggest fireworks show and the biggest crowds ever for July 4, 2021!”

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