Angelina Beautiful/Clean is hosting its annual Shred Day from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday and Friday at the Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber of Commerce.

Director Emily Thornton invited everyone to bring their unwanted documents for a secure, on-site and eco-friendly chance to shred and dispose through Security Shredding, free of charge.

"People hold on to these documents," Thornton said. "They sit in cabinets, they sit in closets, they sit in drawers. These items can be repurposed and recycled, and Security Shredding gives Angelina Beautiful/Clean a chance to give these documents another life and they give the community an opportunity to get them off their hands."

The event was canceled during the spring because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so Thornton decided to host it over two days to make up for lost time.

Not everyone has access to a shredder or a safe way to dispose of sensitive documents, so this is an important opportunity, Thornton said.

She said Security Shredding has a high-grade truck that provides a sure way to dispose of information so that no one could piece it back together in front of you.

"You can hand your document over, and employees from Security Shredding will take care of it on-site, and you can see it happening, as well, so you can have that peace of mind," she said.

Shredded documents can include anything from bank statements and tax files to medical records and more. Businesses may participate, but they are limited to five boxes.

Thornton also said AB/C would greatly appreciate any donations in order to keep offering events like these for free.

"A dollar goes so far with our organization," she said. "For every dollar donated to AB/C, we bring $23 worth of goods and services back to the community."

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